Winds of Change sets out to improve the quality of working life in order to promote the general well-being of employees and so breathe new life into your business. Centred around two main focus areas – health and safety at work and work-life balance – the services on offer are aimed at both private individuals and businesses. Whether you are an individual eager to cultivate a more resource-minded lifestyle in tune with your aspirations or a manager concerned about reducing stress levels within your team, Winds of Change can help you to adjust the situation in order to build a sustainable balance.

Since each issue merits its own approach, Winds of Change offers a wide range of tailor-made services. Fully adapted to your needs, the support and guidance on hand will help you to strengthen your resources or give them a new lease of life.


The pessimist complains about the wind,
the optimist expects it to change,
the realist adjusts the sails

William Arthur Ward

Winds of Change

This saying is in keeping with a positive momentum of change practising sustainable leadership respecting physical and psychical integrity. Taking your situation and resources into consideration, Winds of Change helps you to clarify your objectives, chart your course and proceed to the adjustment to pass the capes towards the destination you have set.


Winds of Change

A psychologist specialising in health and safety at work, Lydie Lecoultre is also the mother of two young daughters.

After training as a teacher, Lydie Lecoultre worked for several years in the profession. In the course of her experience, she noticed that the parents' occupations – the condition in which they worked and the satisfaction they took home – had a direct and significant impact on the well-being of the children. Keen to broaden her knowledge in the field, Lydie Lecoultre started studying psychology at the same time, with a particular interest in well-being in the workplace. After obtaining her Masters, she worked for several years as a health and safety consultant in a consulting firm before joining the prevention sector of the largest accident insurance company.

Following the arrival of her eldest daughter, Lydie reduced her workload. At the same time, she undertook consulting and training assignments, in a freelance capacity, in the health and safety field. Her career path led her to take a closer interest in the issue of psychosocial risks at work, as well as the reconciliation of work and private life. She finally set up Winds of Change, consulting, coaching, training and follow-up services for businesses and private individuals. Within the scope of her services, Lydie provides health and safety at work insight with specific offers tailored to your needs.

Winds of Change


Workshop speaker at Win Conference - Rome - 30 Sept to 3 Oct 2015

Women at work : a potential to explore

Skilled labour shortages are becoming increasingly apparent making retention of intellectual capital that leverages productivity imperative. Currently the nurturing and applying the intellectual capital may give insufficient attention to the potential productivity contribution of women raising family. This workshop illustrates the benefits of retaining key company female talent through case history evidence and exploratory group discussion to develop processes that engage working mums enabling them to develop new skills to improve their life-balance. Focus areas: 1. Raise management’s awareness. 2. Create a positive workplace environment. 3. Empower collaborators. Flexibility and creativity will not only help you retain female talent within your company but also generate a win-win situation as they will improve their life-balance. Ready to liberate female potential within your Company?

Winds of Change


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